Animal sounds- The Voice of the Nature

Introduction to Animal sounds

There are many fascinating animal sounds. Some sounds can be soothing, musical and comforting. There many animals with sweet sounds which could even be used as event sounds. For example, when you click on some apps on your phone or system, you hear the sound of an owl hooting. Many animals sounds are enjoyed while listening to them from time to time. Many of us enjoy the haunting echo of loons coming along the echoing trees of the shore. Animal sounds make you feel in touch with nature, to be honest. Besides, you can enjoy hearing the sweet sounds of your house.

My most preferred animal sound would be the barks of dogs and meow of cats. Although you might sound weird because they seem not to be soothing sounds, but based on my rural background, I got attached to them. A lot of people dislike the sounds of animals because they count it very annoying, whereas some find it soothing. When you get to the suburban street, you will hear the animal sounds, most people there are already getting used to the sounds that without these lovely wild animal sounds, they can’t fall asleep. If you’re looking for something which is relaxing and would at the same time make you feel in touch with nature, then the animal sounds are what you’re looking for.

Animal sounds

In the course of this article, I will be stating ten animals’ sounds which are common in our neighborhood, and they include the following

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Common Animal Sounds

1. Crow

Roosters crow, we would have heard the crows of the rooster in our neighbourhood, which crows every morning. Even when going through children’s stories, you’ll see where it shows the rooster saying “cock-a-doodle-doo,”!!! Yeah, that’s an attempt at making the rooster sounds into words. Someway, giving a sign that you should wake up.

2. Bark

The bark is a sound used for dogs. They are sound which a dog makes. In the English language, bark stands as a verb. Some sounds dogs make, which are quite recognizable are; “bow – bow,” “ruff,” and “woof.”

3. Meow

Meow is the sound made by cats only; in English, there is no other animal that says the word “meow.” You can also create different cat noises like saying EO, therefore saying the meow sound even.

4. Buzz

Bees and other small flying creatures use the word buzz, for instance, mosquito buzz, bees buzz, flies buzzing, any other little winged creatures are generally known to buzz. But at times, it could be mimicked as its buzz.

5. Squeak

Squeak, sounds made by mice, mice are the only animal that makes the squeaky sound, I guess. In most horror movies, before the killer gets the person that’s rambling to a haunted house, the squeaky sound of mice is employed. It is quite difficult to imitate the sound, though.

6. Quack

Quack is the sound made ducks. It could be mimicked as “quack, quack~ quack.”

7. Snort

Snorts are the sound used by pigs. The snorting sound seems like a sudden air going into your nostrils. Snorts could be practicable to other creatures, even human snorts. Many of us laugh then in the process snort, which can still be classified as snorting too. Snorts can be mimicked as “oink oink” ~ sounds made by pigs

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8. Peep

Peep sound is made by chicks. A baby bird which has that little voice and is very very very tender makes such sound. Peep is the word used to describe their low voice. It’s a cute sound. It could be mimicked as “beep beep beep beep.”

9. Bray

Donkey makes the braying sound. To be honest! Most people aren’t conversant with the word bray. It is weird saying bray. But if for any reason you want to explain the sound which the donkeys make, you should say, the donkey was braying maybe last night or whatever. But when you try to mimic the sound exactly how the donkey seems to make the sound. We say, “he- haw.” Weird right??

10. Gobble

Gobble, a gobble is only used for turkey, Turkeys usually are talked about during thanksgiving. Turkeys make the sound gobble gobble gobble.

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