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Animals are the multicellular organisms, dominating the earth, which belongs to the kingdom of Animalia. They are categorized, such as mammals, birds, fishes, invertebrates, amphibians, and reptiles. Animals have diverse characteristics that are different from others. And also they are the organisms who sense out the beat of the mother nature. So we have to protect them while we are exploring the beauty of nature.

Moray eel- Snake like fish live in the Ocean

Kingdom:AnimaliaPhylumChordataClass:ActinopterygiiOrder:AnguilliformesSuborder:MuraenoideiFamily:MuraenidaeGenera:16 GeneraSpecies:200 Species Rafinesque, 1810 The Moray eel is mainly a large eel species, which can exclusively found in tropical and temperate marine waters. Some several other species live...

Symbiosis- Examples, definition and types

Symbiosis is the relationship between two separate species living in close physical contact. Symbiosis, any of several living systems, including mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism, between representatives of two distinct organisms. Therefore, it...

Impala Animals- Medium-sized antelope in Africa

Impala animals can be described as a medium-sized antelope living in eastern and southern Africa. Impala is a unique member of the genus Aepyceros. There are two subspecies of Impala, which are...

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