Animals are the multicellular organisms, dominating the earth, which belongs to the kingdom of Animalia. They are categorized, such as mammals, birds, fishes, invertebrates, amphibians, and reptiles. Animals have diverse characteristics that are different from others. And also they are the organisms who sense out the beat of the mother nature. So we have to protect them while we are exploring the beauty of nature.

Structural adaptations and Behavioral adaptations

All living things must be able to meet their food, water and shelter needs, to survive. Various body structures and behaviors contribute to fulfilling these needs. Such unique parts and behaviors are called adaptations. There are three major types of adaptations. such as Structural adaptations, Physiological adaptations and Behavioral adaptations. Adaptations occur due to evolution. …

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Habitat fragmentation- degradation of large habitats

Introduction to Habitat fragmentation Habitat fragmentation in conservation biology, is considered a primary concern. It focuses on the destruction of once large, stable forest blocks to a less permanent environment, primarily through human perturbations, such as land clearance and vegetation change between forms. The world’s major cause of extinction of biodiversity is habitat loss and …

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