Pink and Purple Lotus Flower- Flowers of spiritual

Introduction to Lotus

Lotus Flower plant is the most beautiful perennial aquatic flowering plant native to the tropical region. It is a member of the Nelumbonaceae family. Lotus flowers have several petals varying from eight to twenty-five. Some Lotus species have several petals, and some have multiple and double petals. It depends on the variety of the plant. Pink lotus flower, purple lotus flower and white lotus are the most common species.

These plants have always mesmerized the surroundings, no matter where they are residing. While other plants usually grow from the grounds. However, Lotus Flower plant does not have the same path. It is growing in the mud on the bottom of the shallow water. These shallow water bodies are an excellent medium for them to grow and show their beauty to the world.

When you pass over the garden, you will quickly notice the lotus flower’s beauty. Because the moon and sun lights bring more color exposures to the surrounding. In the day, you will see their brightness mesmerizing the ecosystem of the garden. Meanwhile, when the dark comes, the moon will accentuate the lotus flower’s stunning appearance, thanks to its rays.

Pink Lotus Flower

There is a magical thing about lotus flowers. It will bloom in the day. But it will close during the night and sink in the water. Some species bloom during the night and are accentuated by the moonlight shadows. Ancient Egyptians believed that lotus have given birth to the Sun. Because of they bloom with the sunlight and close after the sunset.

Lotus Seed and planting

After wilting the flowers, petals starting to drop. The middle sponge part (Pistil) remains after the drying of the flower. The pistil has several holes inside it. Lotus seeds are resting inside of these holes. Over time, seeds drop into the water or taken out by animals or humans for foods. These seeds have a little hard shell around the nuts. The seeds’ germination period is around three to four weeks on the suitable muddy surface inside a water body. Lotus seed nuts are edible seeds of white and off-white colors. It is a delicious and nutritious food use in Asian cuisine. In some Asian countries, these seeds use for traditional medicine. The seed is rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, etc. It gives health benefits, including treatment for insomnia, diabetes, anti-aging agents, improved urination, and many more benefits.

Lotus plant has originated from Asia and Australia. However, it has distributed other areas of the world later on. Lotus can grow even in the warm areas in temperate regions. The summer season is good for healthy growth, since plants prefer the warm climate. Lotus plants need full sun for at least six hours a day to proper growth and flower blooming.

Lotus can plant by seeds and tubers as well. The tuber is the bottom part, which like a rhizome with root. Growth buds and growth shoots emerging from the tuber. You can separately cut growth buds with tubers for planting in the pond or water bodies.

Spiritual Lotus flower

Nature has its own ways to amaze us. For most people, the Lotus flower has uniqueness and mysteries in terms of the universe’s meaning and purposes. This flower has been significant to humans since the ancient times. Back then, the ancestors used lotus flowers as a powerful and sacred symbol. For instance, the pink lotus was cited a lot in Asian cultures as the symbol of purity and sacredness of humans’ relationships to humans and humans to Gods.

purple lotus flower

Lotus Flower has a “secret” meaning for the giver to its recipient. In terms of symbolism and meaning, there is nothing more spiritual than this bloom. Lotus has always challenged the muses of all folks. But if we describe its main character in one word, it is the “sacred” plant, making it unique.

At first glance, you might not think a lot about the existence of lotus flowers. At the surface, you can directly view the plant’s colors and shapes. No matter what colors they have, these will stun your eyes for sure. But the top of the lotus flower is still the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of other things which you can find from this plant.

Lotus has been an effective plant in many Eastern cultures. China is the highest lotus growers in the world. India and Vietnam consider Lotus flower as their national flower. In some countries, most of its parts use as their meal. However, there may be a risk associated with the eating of rhizomes of lotus. Because if the surrounding water body is polluted, rhizomes may contain pollutants. Their roots can easily absorb and store heavy metals inside the rhizomes. Therefore, identifying the water body’s pollutant level is a good practice before selecting it for your meal.

pink Lotus Flower

These cultures, in such an exponential way, have been passed down from one generation to another. And the meaning and purposes of lotus flowers have been evolving from time to time. But still, this flower is one of the most remarkable and most beautiful symbols of nature that we can aspire to. Lotus flower species are plenty. But the most popular is the purple lotus flowers and pink lotus flowers. Let’s see the meaning and symbolism of them.

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Purple Lotus Flower

Purple color Lotus are several in the nature.

  • Nymphaea caerulea
  • Nymphaea nouchali
  • Blue Star Lotus
  • Nelumbo Baby Doll (Hybrid)

Lotus Flower has deep meaning in general. But like other flowers, it comes in different colors. Each color of the Lotus flower has a different purpose than the others. Purple can symbolize spirituality. This particular plant has been tied with many inspiring folklores and inspiration from modern people.

Lotus flower

As the spiritual flower, the purple lotus has its uniqueness in the mystical characteristics. Purple lotus is a slightly rare color of the lotus family. Its main appearance is various from single, triple to the quintuple stem. The Purple Lotus flower has been a unique existence for Buddhism. The eight petals in the plant represent the Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism.

The powerful meanings in the mysticism niche include wisdom, creativity, royalty, extravagance, and dignity. The mysticism characteristics of this flower have become more significant because of its unique and earthy scents. For that reason, many Eastern cultures include this flower as the component for their events or special occasions. In most spiritual events, the participants use purple lotus flowers because it conveys the most vital spirituality messages. The existence of the flower is also represented in the 2D mediums of cultures and artworks. Besides the physical flower, the lotus flower enthusiasts also display it in the poster, flyer, banner, and even digital medium.

Speaking of the purple flower’s portrayal, it usually appears as a bud with the core closed. And one would notice that the center part of the purple lotus flower is visible. Depending on the meaning appointed, the portrayal could come with a single stem, triple stem, or a five-fold stem.

Choosing the number of stems is usually significant to the religious meaning. The triple stem is delegating the three important cores of Garbhadhatu: Lotus, Vajra, and Vairocana. The five stems represent Vajradhatu and the five pieces of important teachings. In Buddhism, eight petals of the flower represent eight important teachings of Buddha. As mentioned, it is also the resemblance of the eightfold path of Buddhism.

In medieval times, purple was a rare color and considered as the most incredible one. Back then, purple lotus flowers represent uniqueness, beauty, as well as gems. Only a few lucky folks and the riches could use purple because it required mixing the blue and red colors. Not many people were able to afford these. Purple lotus flowers were rare and expensive. It was not something that commoners could grab and plant it by themselves at home.

But nowadays, attaining purple lotus flowers in your home’s backyard is not as hard as you think. Many sellers offer the purple lotus flower for various occasions like gardening, wedding, religious events, and many other events and occasions.

Lotus flower

Since Lotus flowers are a strong symbolism of spirituality in Eastern cultures, there have always been many demands. Purple lotus flowers can represent the spiritual journey of a person. In many cases, this type of flower has brought enlightenment and healing to the recipient in spirituality. You can give it to someone you know or use it as part of your religious and spiritual journey. The good purple lotus flower will surely bring the enlightenment to you.

The purple color in the lotus flower also conveys the implicit message of the past and present. These time frames are also connected to spirituality, mystery, and magic. In many practices besides religion, the purple lotus flower also conveys the meaning of subconscious and creativity. That’s why many people would give this to someone to help them overcome the creative blocks or spiritual challenges in their life.

It is essential to know that there is no single purple color in the purple lotus flower. The purple color shades can bring different meanings and symbols, such as the lighter the shadows, the lighter, and the purpose. The soft purple lotus flower conveys the happy, rejuvenation, romantic, creativity, and self-conscious meaning. Meanwhile, purple lotus flowers’ darker shades could give more profound messages, muse, dignity, and deeper meanings. Besides the positive intentions we mentioned, there are also negative meanings, such as decadence and mourning. But it will also depend on how folks want to use the purple lotus flower in their events and occasions.

purple lotus flower
Purple Lotus Flower

Younger people view purple as a happy and exciting color. The purple lotus flower color is significant to the symbolism of spiritualism, and younger users would like to add these into their costumes and traditions. Older people see the purple colors in a broader perspective and embrace them in religious cultures.

Pink Lotus flower

There are pinker Lotus flower species than the purple Lotus in nature. Here are some example species list of pink Lotus

  • Vietnamese Lotus
  • Momo Botan (Nelumbo)
  • Sacred Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera)
  • Royal Lotus
  • Frankly Scarlet Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera)
  • Chawan Basu Lotus
  • Red Lotus of Yohan
  • Cherry Lotus
  • Lotus Nelumbo Red Scarf
  • Sacred Pink Lotus
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pink lotus flower

The pink lotus flower is arguably the most popular type of lotus used by many people for tons of celebrations. From the Chinese tradition, religious events in Buddhism to the various Eastern occasions and events. Pink lotus flowers tend to be more prevalent to accompany the festivities.

We can see many pink lotus flower appearance in many celebrations in the eastern parts of the world. Pink lotus flowers are sacred and associated with the higher realms of the universe. Therefore, in a religion like Buddhism, the pink lotus flower is often symbolized as the Buddha’s path and teachings, connections between humans and Gods. The pink lotus flower is an integral part of the messages of creation, purity, and enlightenment.

The pink lotus flower itself has many purposes. Folks can use the lotus flower to make the main ingredient of tea. The seeds and roots of pink lotus flowers can be eaten. Many Chinese main and side dishes are mainly made of pink lotus flower’s roots.

Pink lotus flowers are also known as water lilies and Indian lotus. But now you can see this planted in most of the other countries in the Western world. A pink lotus flower is also an object of artwork that is applied in many different mediums.

Pink lotus flowers do not just grow anywhere. The ancient west world did not state any history that showed the pink lotus flower’s existence in it. Its origin is from India and China but quickly adapted in many other Asian and Western countries. That explains why the religions’ traditions, including Buddhism and Hinduism, have such strong connections with the pink lotus flowers.

Pink lotus flower in Buddhism

The pink lotus flower has a strong connection to the high deities in Buddhism. On some occasions, the pink lotus symbolizes the Buddha. However, it can also use to represent the other Gods in relevant religious events. In Buddhism, the pink lotus is the representation of Buddha Himself. It is the symbolism with the highest honor, according to Buddhism.

In Buddhism, different colors of lotus flowers are used, which have diverse symbolism and meaning. Pink lotus flower has its sacredness in Buddhism. It also tells the superb relationship between Gods and Humans, as well as Humans to Humans.

Pink lotus flowers are sacred because of they origin from mud and then grown up top of the water. These tropical flowers arise from the muddy ponds over a few days. The pink lotus flower will open in the morning and close the petals late afternoon or night. Although this flowers grow from a dirty environment, the lotus flower appearance is clean, bright, and beautiful. Emerging from mud and then grow without touching mud with clean and bright is a good norm for others. And when the flower is blooming, it signifies the next level of a person’s spiritual journey. The fully opened pink lotus flower symbolizes the highest level of spirituality. It is where a person has reached Nirvana.

Pink Lotus in Hinduism

Pink lotus flowers have been significant for much longer than any other culture and tradition that adapts its existence. One can find the pink lotus flower significance in the old scripture of Vedas and Purana.

Pink Lotus is also sacred and spiritual. Its connection to the story of creation is strong and powerful. The Lotus is even mentioned before the time of creation. Lotus flower was blooming from Vishnu’s navel. There was Brahma, the creator of the trinity of Hindu. Brahma then asked Vishnu to create the world.

Like in Buddhism, Some Hindu gods and goddesses have shown either standing or sitting on the pink lotus flower. There are some popular Hindu Gods and Goddesses who are either standing or sitting on the pink lotus flower such as Vishnu, Lakshmi, and Ganesh. Ganesh is the famous elephant-headed god. From religious folklore, Ganesh’s story with the pink lotus flower has been cited in many older and newer scriptures.

Song of God” in the sacred and ancient Hindu scripture encourages the Hindus folks to strive like a lotus. Although it didn’t mention the lotus flower’s color, they have had the same common ground that the color is pink.

pink lotus flower

Yoga and Pink Lotus

Yoga is the descendant teaching of Hinduism. Pink lotus flowers are closely relevant to the practice of Yoga. Lotus flower is one of the best poses in the Yoga practice. The lotus flowers depict the chakras or centers of human energy in the body. The pink flower with tons of petals symbolizes the crown chakra or the highest chakra.

The pink lotus flower is sacred according to the different cultures and costumes mentioned above. It is excellent to know the deep meanings and symbolism of pink lotus flowers. So that you can give the most significant appreciation towards the flower.

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