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We are a dedicated team to protect our natural world and share valuable information with planet Earth dwellers. Term “enviearth” meaning is the Environmental Earth which is our website title.

We explore our mother nature, & share our experience with you for aware how can we feel it without destroying it’s beauty. And how can we save every drop of water, every breeze of wind, & every sand crystal on earth. Let’s exchange our knowledge to nurture our mother nature.

On this website we share lot of information of Animals, Plants, Landmarks, Gardening guides, Ecological terms, peoples. Which cover the all natural world of the our planet. Articles on this websites are written by our dedicated expert team with their knowledge and with some references. We always try to give the most helpful content for our readers. If you like to share your valuable knowledge with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website email. You can submit articles to us if you have written with fresh contents. Please read our privacy policy page if you need to clarify anything about your privacy when you dealing on this website.

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