Air is the mixture of invisible gaseous substance which is surrounded by the Earth. That mainly consists of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, and other inactive gases. Air is like the fuel for breathing all living organisms on the Earth. Therefore cleanliness and the maintaining composition of the atmosphere are crucial for the surveillance of life on Earth. However, after the industrial revolution, hazardous gases and particles have entered the atmosphere. So our atmosphere is susceptible to pollution. So we must have a responsibility for keeping our air clean.

Clear the Air: 9 Ways to Naturally Clean the Air

Clear the Air- An introduction Indoor air quality is vital and may be significantly impacted by the presence of air pollutants ushered in by people, pets, household cleaning materials, and even the outdoor air. Outdoors common pollutants like pollen, dust mites, mold, bacteria, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) aren’t as big of a threat. Indoors, […]

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