Hammerhead Shark- Shark with a strange head

Genus: Sphyrna (Most Hammerhead shark). The winghead on the other side is placed in its genus known as Eusphyra.  Family: Sphyrnidae (named after the peculiar and different structure of their...

Lemon Shark- The fascinating life of the species

Scientific Name:Negaprion brevirostrisKingdom:AnimaliaOrder:CarcharhiniformesPhylum:ChordataFamily:CarcharhinidaeClass:ChondrichthyesDistinguishing Features:Stocky, yellow-colored shark with second dorsal fin almost as massive as the firstHabitat:Coastal waters of the Atlantic and Pacific of the AmericasAverage Size:2.4 to 3.1 m (7.9 to...

Skipjack tuna- A Common fish in open oceans

Introduction Skipjack tuna fish is an economically valuable species that is a common fish species in open ocean water, which is in around most countries, especially in tropical areas and...

Bigfin Squid- Rare vivid Morphological cephalopods

Facts of the deep water stranger Bigfin squid can be described as rarely seen cephalopods with a distinctive morphological structure. They are classed in the genus Magnapinna and...

Sea Anemone- Colorful predatory sea animals

Sea anemones are fascinating predatory creatures named after the terrestrial flowering plant known as anemone. They come in a variety of colours from red, yellow to bright blue! Sea anemones fall under...

Ocean water- salt water, water from a sea or ocean

Ocean water is one of the world's most intriguing and abundant substances. It consists of saline water. Seawater has a very special chemical, physical, and biological characteristics. Physical properties, chemical composition, and...
Coral reef ecosystems

Coral Reef ecosystems in Coastal environment

Coral reef ecosystems are one of the unique ecosystems in the world. Coral polyps, the animals who responsible for building reefs, can identify as many types: large reef-building plantation, graceful flowing fans,...

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