The coastal journey of the Emperor penguin from the sea


Some living beings have absolutely avoided the ocean life and adapted to terrestrial life, and also some organisms have migrated to the ocean from the terrestrial life over evolution. There is a bird who is non-owning the sky and selects the ocean as its home. Being a non-flying bird, it is a marvellous creature who has won not only the land but also the ocean. Yet this bird can’t fly; it is an excellent swimmer. This bird is as we all know Penguin. The penguin also called “flipper bird”, that’s because they don’t have wings. Instead of wings, they have evolutionarily modified flippers for swimming. According to the result of the evolution and adoption of the ocean life, the wings have transformed to the flippers. In this article, we are going to discuss the coastal journey of Emperor penguin from the sea.

Penguins are the experts to jumping out from the waves, swimming, diving in the Sea and hunting the fishes. They spend most of the time in the sea from their life. There are some feathers in their body, but they can’t use those feathers for flying in the sky. These feathers are created to assist in swimming and diving in the sea. This swimsuit is helping them to keep the body warm from the coldness of the south pole and coldness of the ocean. Although, no matter how long they have spent in the ocean, once a year they have to come to the coastal areas.

emperor penguin
Emperor penguin flock


There are plenty of penguins in South Georgia, which is an isolated small island located near Antarctica. By the intervention of authorized officers, it is being kept as an isolated island. During the summertime, the beach around this island is filled with these amazing creatures. Then that place is turned in to one of the busiest places on the earth. Thousands of Emperor penguin birds come here. These penguin species are called Emperor penguin because of their pride and arrogant appearance. They have a straight body. Therefore dignity or royal appearance ascended for them. These penguin species are larger in size than other penguins. The flock of penguins slowly crawls along the beach to reach their colony.

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Elephant seals

There are the flock of elephant seals in between the beach and their colony. The flock of Emperor penguins who have come to the beach has to pass the barrier made from these hundreds of giant seals. It looks like meat rocks and oil slicks which are the major barriers that they have to face when they are reaching to the colony. The best thing is to wait a moment that these giants keep calm down and then start their journey.

Elephant seals are giant mammals who are bred associated with the western beaches of North America and Southpole. The creatures with giant bodies are noisy and violent. The nose of these seals is abnormally large. It hangs down like a trunk. That is the reason they famous as “Elephant Seals”. This is the breeding season of the elephant seals. The giant males weighing more than four tons fighting each other with emitting mucus to protect their mates. This fight is more aggressive because Seals bites and get injuries each other. After defeating the opponent, the winner goes to the among females and make a fearful groaning and verify the victory.

After this aggressive and scary fight, the giant males become silent and the winner sleep beside his female partner. The loser goes away and has a nap. This is the best opportunity for Penguins to pass the Elephant Seals territory. However, they have to pass this area slowly and carefully without disturbing these sleeping giants.

Elephant Seals in beach

Emperor penguin colony

After passing several barriers, the penguin flock could have arrived their colony without any trouble. There are more than 40000 penguin chicks in this colony. Until these penguin chicks become adults, they are brown in colour. They are getting large in body size as their parents. However, they are still non-matured kids. Their parents who lived in the ocean have fed them. While mothers are searching for foods, penguin fathers protect their little ones. When their fathers are absent, little penguins stay under the guidance of their mothers. The little chicks who are suffering from starvation are very active and enthusiastic. They keep opening their mouths until foods arrive.

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A painful experience

Every penguin who arrived this colony has no cubs to feed and make them big.  Some Emperor penguins come to hear to face unique and painful experience. Hundreds of penguins are flocked together to an isolated land which is located beyond their colony. Every penguin has to face and bear this painful experience. It starts with slight irritation. After that, it spread all over the penguin’s body. With this irritation of their body, they start to shed their feathers one by one. No matter how much it is painful, they shed their all feathers on the body.

emperor penguin
Emperor Penguin family

Wonderful Dress of Emperor penguin

 The feather suite, which has covered around the penguin’s body is helpful to protect their lives. If they are staying in the water, their feathers don’t get wet. They have designed as non-absorbing water, after swimming several months through the violent waves of the ocean, the feathery dress getting fade. Penguins have to remove their dress by shedding feathers. There are four layers of feathers around their body. These four layers of feathers should have removed immediately. After completely removing feathers, it will grow soon. However, until the feathers are grown, penguins have to wait here. 

Penguins stay in one place quietly without getting any food. About one month, they stay here in the same posture.  After a month, new healthy feathers emerge. Renew the new set of dresses with white, yellow and black colours. Now they get a chance to follow the ocean adventures again. However, penguins feel proud because of having the new feathery dress for them. Since not getting any food throughout one month, these penguins suffered from starvation. They immediately need food to escape from the starvation. They prefer to eat crustaceans, squids and various fish species.

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