White Peony -Famous Flowering and ancient medicinal plant

Peony Flowering Plant

A most famous flowering plant of Peony belongs to the Paeonia genus and family Paeoniaceae. Paeonia genus is the only member of such family. Peony flowering plant is native to the Asian, European and North American regions. Ther are 25-40 peony plant species have identified by the scientists including white peony. However, some people say that the popular peony names of white and red are based on the root colour not the colours of flowers. The colors of peony flower available in white, yellow, cream and varieties of red and pink shades. Whether you are professionals or amateurs in landscaping or gardening, you won’t regret to add peonies in your flower gardens.

White Peony
White and yellow peony

White peony is one of the most popular peony species which is famous not only for flowers but also as a medicinal plant. This Peony Flower Plant showcases the perennial flowers which have long durability and lifespan. If you want to have the beauty which is future proof in your garden, this one is definitely your great choice. Though available in many colours, the white peonies are the most elegant and classy for most landscapes and gardens. White peony also called Garden peony, bai-shao and Chinese peony.

Planting the white peonies is much alike to plant any other peony. You can easily find the younger plants to purchase in common department stores, home improvement stores, as well as flowers shops. For those who want to achieve such easy ways, you could take the bare roots and potted peonies. The ideal time to plant the peonies is in the early spring.

The White peony plant

The white peonies come with such gentle and elegant colour. Not only that these come in a beautiful colour and appeals. The rich fragrance of the white peonies can really elevate the experience in your spring garden. The white peonies can be arguably the most beautiful flowers that you have in your garden. It is easy to get stunned with the white members of the peony through the gardening. And when the flower blooms, you and your family members can enjoy it back and forth. White peonies really offer something different and unique in the peony season.

If we are to describe the fragrance of the Peonies, these are pretty much similar to scents of lily flowers. White peonies are often chosen also because of the low requirements in maintenance and treatments. It has such sturdy stems, which is one of the reasons why it has such great lifespan.

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White peony

White peony flower

For cut flowers, the white peony flower is Charlie’s White. Charlie’s White is an early white flower. It comes with the double blooms which come with such unique accents. Stems are long and straight. It is easy and ideal to arrange it into bouquets mixing with other flowers. The fragrance is amazing. But if you are looking for the wedding bouquets, Carrara is a much better option than Charlie’s White.

Carrara is very popular in Japan and other Asian countries. As the Carrara ages, the centre of stamens would change the colour from cream to the pure white. The fragrance is also as amazing as other White peonies. Besides the wedding bouquets, it can make a perfect addition to your garden or landscape.

Carrara can be mixed with the other white peonies to provide the gradation of beauty and distinctive fragrances that you can enjoy every time you manage your gardens or landscapes. There is also a single flower white peony which is called as Krinkled White. If you are up to pure white peony flower, Krinkled White is definitely yours. It comes with the pure white and crinkled petals which circle around the gold centre. The stems can grow up to 31 inches or more depending on how the gardeners foster the plant.

Godaishu Peony plant

Another pure white item is Godaishu. This peony plant can make up to 50 blooms each season. The tree peony is fast growing. It is also easy to plant and foster it until ready to bloom. Basically, the variety of peonies can be mixed and matched to create such perfect shades in your garden or landscape. Is it only restricted to the peonies? Of course not at all. The good planting companions can also be other white flowers and plants to create such great gardens. Make sure to research about the particular plants first before combining with your peonies. Some plants might not be suitable in terms of appealing factors. But all in all, it is your choice.

White Peony
White peony flower

White Peony Care

Caring peonies is easy and straightforward. The most appropriate caring for peonies is by choosing the right planting spot. The integral thing to consider is to choose the healthy soil which can support the growth of the plant. The first two terms must be met to proceed to the next points. And as usual, you will need to routinely water your plant and fertilize the peonies with the good quality of fertilizer. To keep the perennial plant up with the growing and productivity, you will need to do the chores without skipping. Some gardeners claimed that they could grow the peonies really well although they missed some chores. But to achieve the maximum results, it is a must to conduct the maintenance on a regular basis.

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Peonies require sun exposure and a drained spot. The plant should take at least six hours of sun exposure on a daily basis. In tropical countries, the morning sun usually helps much. When planting the peonies, make sure you make the distance enough between one plant to another.

Soil and fertilizer

The recommended spacing can be different from one peony plant to another. You will easily find the guides when you purchase the peonies from the home improvement stores. In some commercial packaging, those come with the manuals that you can easily follow. The frequencies of feeding will depend on the type of soil you choose to grow your peonies. Sandy soils, for instance, can maximize the nutrients more effective and faster than heavier soils. You won’t want to add too much fertilizer for the peonies in the sandy soils. The heavier soils, on the other side, might need more fertilizer. And if not, more frequent maintenance is required.
The rainy days can usually nourish the plants with enough water. If there is no rain, make sure to water it by yourself.

Rose and white peony flowers

Medicinal value of White Peony

The dried roots of the white peony plants use as an ancient Chinese medicine since 1,000 years. It has many medicinal benefits which scientists still researching to find more.

The white Peony tea has been prevalent because of the health benefits it offers. Some of the most astonishing benefits to enjoy are:

  1. Improve liver health: white peonies tea has such a quality antioxidant effect on your liver.
  2. Improve kidney health: the antioxidant effect of the white peony tea also comes with the antioxidant effect, which can reduce the stress in your kidneys.
  3. Boost immune system: your health experts always recommend improving the immune system anywhere, anytime to prevent yourself from getting sick. This tea is a top-notch solution to boost your immune system.
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