What Is Narcissus Flower & How To Grow Them

What Is Narcissus Flower?

Narcissus genus was named for a beautiful young man who became so fascinated by his own shadow so he forged and the gods turned it into this flower.

The best time to plant Narcissus bulb is in the fall. Planting in groups at least 6 to sweep the masses and they can be mixed with all varieties of other spring lights. You will be able to plant 10-12 bulb per square to plant 2-3 inches separate, so consider when making a purchase. Plant 8 inch bulbs. Flowers follow the sun so consider this when planting and make sure to have a shady area on the back of the bed. This plant grows best in full sun to PM just or AM and, when the drought tolerant, requires moisture during the planting season. They are very good for use in bed, border, rock garden, because of fresh cut flowers, ground cover, and in the forest park.

Fragrant blooming flowers anywhere from the end of winter to the end of spring, between December and May, a total of 2-3 weeks. After the flowers bloom, the upper part of each flower can be removed as it can be done to prevent the formation of seeds, but the leaves should not be cut back until it starts yellow. They reproduce with offset bulblets and require a warm thermoperiodic cycle (60 to 70f) – cool (32 to 40F) – warm (50 to 60 grass). They can be injured at a temperature below 23 degrees F (-5C) when planted. Lights can be left uninterrupted for several years. If the bloom of quality and quantity decreases over time, the clump can be divided by digging right after the leaves die.

What Is Black Narcissus Flower?

Black Narcissus: Cactus Dahlia tubers. One of the “most black” of the cactus Dahlia, Black Narcissus puts drama on any border with large pointed flowers that can reach 25cm opposite side buds. Great in your cutting garden, but it might be a bit too big for all but the biggest container.

With an exotic display of rare desert flowers, this type of dahlia semi-cactus makes enough scenery in the garden or in a vase. Dark red petals, pointed from bloom 6 “will definitely turn heads, especially when plants are grouped together – either as a single varieties display or when combined with light or white blooms. Black Narcissus provides a unique blow like that color and unusual style to Mid-summer property, your customers will beg for more planting season. We suggest growing black Narcissus on the border, cutting the park or landscape bed that gets full sunlight and dried well. Flowers keep coming to the first snow, so there are many for Enjoy in the room too. Lift in fall zone 3-8.

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Is Narcissus Black Flower?

Dahlia ‘Black Narcissus’ has maroon flowers with a pink center. It’s perfect for growing on a mixed herb border, and makes the cut flowers very good. For the best results, growing ‘Black Narcissus’ Dahlia in full sun on fertile and drained soil.

Paperwhite narcissus flower

Different Types of Paperwhite Narcissus:

Paperwhites is the most popular holiday lights ball, right next to Amaryllis. In fact, for a really beautiful look, planting both so they will bloom at the same time. Paperwhites takes around 30-40 days to bloom in the room and Amaryllis can take 45-60 days to bloom, so remember when planting to display in the room.

The best paper lights to grow indoors

Lights are labeled with numbers such as 15+ cm or 17+ cm or 28/30 cm and so on. It is around, centimeters, bulbs in the widest section. The best paperwhites to force indoors are 17+ tubers sized. It is the biggest and best white paper tuber you can buy. (And especially what we sell.)

Another thing to think about when buying paperwhites to grow indoors is the aroma power.

Fragrant Paperwhite Narcissus

If you want a super fragrant paperwhite, Zivawhite paper is the best choice. Nir paperwhites is an amazing choice for a good aroma. They are newer varieties that even boast more flowers per stem than Ziva.

Ariel is a variety of other new white paper with strong classical aroma. Ariel flowers are greater than Ziva and the stem is slightly thicker and stronger, so they tend to fail.

Non-fragrant white narcissus

Is there a really no fragrant Narcissus paperwhite? Not really. All paperwhites have aroma, but some types are less fragrant than others. If you have sensitive sniffers, go for Wintersun (with yellow jaunty cups) or white inball paperwhite, for classical white flowers with a less powerful aroma.

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The best paperwhites to grow outdoors

You can plant outdoor paperwhites if you live in zone 8, 9 or 10. All paperwhites are great for providing blooms like spring where the weather is not cold enough to provide the cold needed by other daffodils and other artificial balls.

Wintersun is a very beautiful paperwhite variation to grow outdoors in warm climates because the yellow cup makes flowers look more like a traditional daffodil, but without cold requirements.

We recommend tubers measuring 17+ cm to force in the room, but outdoors, when you plant white paper in a large sweep or in a group of 10 or more, white paper tubers 15/16 cm will give you lots of shows!

To plant outdoors, buy large amounts of white paper. (Some of our bulk paper is 15/16 tubers and some are 17+ tubers. Whether it will work outdoors.) You can plant outdoors anytime in the fall or early winter and still enjoy the beautiful spring.

The best paperwhites for gifts

Paperwhite measuring 17+ cm premium is the best tuber for gifts, because they will wear the biggest performances. (It’s also worth thinking about whether your recipient prefers to have more fragrant traditional varieties or new variations with a little scent.)

If you give paperwhites as a gift, consider sending preplant paperwhites in decorative containers to make everything easy on the recipient. All they have to do is give water tubers and enjoy!

Or maybe you want to give some tubers in a gift bag, but you don’t want to worry about shipping yourself?

Maybe you want to give a paperwhites to many friends, neighbors, children’s teachers, and work colleagues. In that case, the bulk basket that you can share is a good choice. (You can plant a basket for your favorite receiver too, and get a lot of gifts from one!)

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