Cottonwood Tree – All You Need to Know about

Introduction Cottonwoods, which has the Latin name Populus deltoides, is a large shade tree that grows naturally throughout the United States. The Cottonwood tree can recognize easily from a...

Phoenix Palm Tree- Gardening of the beautiful tree

Phoenix Palm tree (Phoenix Canariensis), also known as Canary Palm tree because of its origin, is one of the most beautiful palm trees. It has large featherlike palm leaves that resemble a...

Virgin Coconut oil- Top facts you should ever know

An introduction Advanced technical methods with ultra-purity produce virgin coconut oil. These technical methods are different and more advanced than traditional natural oil processing methods. In the conventional oil...

Hawaiian Flowers- Beautiful and Super Long Lasting

Tropical Hawaiian Flowers You may not be aware that tropical flowers like Hawaiian flowers you can get from Hawaii islands will last 1-2 weeks. It exceeds the freshness time...

Yucca plant- extremely drought tolerant plant

What is yucca plant? Yucca plant is a typical garden plants with printed leaves. Yucca has many species of plants and parts of the plant, like the fruits, seeds,...

Plant therapy- Natural herbal and medicinal plants

What is it, and what are the benefits? Plants have been used around the world in various ways due to its healing properties for thousands of years. This healing...

Jasmine Plant- “Yasmine” the gift of God

Jasmine plant is a classification of shrubs and vines under the olive specie. Jasmine plant contains about 200 species native to tropical and subtropical regions of Europe, Asia and Oceania. But, the...

Citronella Plants- Indigenous tropical plant

Citronella plants are indigenous to tropical areas of Asia. They are grown in Burma, Indonesia, India, Java and Sri Lanka, commercially for use in insect repellent, candles and soaps. It is grown...

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