Endangered Species protection

It is right to say that many people on the planet earth do not know about the endangered species in the world. A lot of people are only familiar with the common species of plants and animals they know. Meanwhile, there are several other species of the plant and animal kingdom. Endangered Species protection is crucial for keeping the balance of biodiversity since some of species going to extinct in the near future.

Most of these species have become endangered due to reasons like loss of habitats due to habitat fragmentation and farming so loss in their genes. These species are referred to as endangered species because they are chances that they will be extinct in the nearest future. Their extinction could be in a particular ecosystem or the world at large. The endangered species in a specific geographical area may not be an endangered species in another geographic location. 

The drastic reduction in the population of specie with no hope of new offspring is the underlying meaning of endangered species. 

Are the endangered species special? Definitely. Below is a list of some of the endangered species in the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom, respectively.

Endangered Species of plant and Animals

  • Plant endangered species: Some of the endangered species in the plant kingdom are hornworts, mosses, cycads, liverwort, conifers, etc.
  • Animal endangered species: some of the endangered species in the animal kingdom include the Grizzly bear, Amur leopard, the Lemur, the mountain Gorilla, etc.

The endangered species are given a form of protection so as prevent their total extinction from the earth. There are agencies responsible for protecting these species. It is essential for everyone to enforce endangered species protection and protect these plants and animals. 

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Protecting these species will not only benefit the species, but it will also help the ecosystem. A balanced ecosystem is a key to healthy living and life sustainability. The ecosystem needs the interaction of plants and animals to be balanced. Each species of plants and animals have a way of contributing to the ecosystem.

Endangered Species protection

It is our responsibility to work hand in hand with the endangered species protection agencies and protect these endangered species. These are some of the ways we can contribute to the endangered species protection program.

  • Study about the threatened species:

    If you do not get to study them, then you wouldn’t know the endangered species. There are many endangered species. You would be contributing your quota to saving the life of these species by getting to identify them. If you know them, you will find it easier to carry out all other life-saving measures to keep them alive. So you must get yourself familiar with them.
  • Do not buy goods made from endangered species:

    You can indirectly stop the hunting of these endangered species by poachers if you stop patronizing them. There are products out there that are being manufactured from the body parts of these animals. Do not buy those products. By so doing, the market of such products would fall, and there would be no cause to hunt these animals again. A good example is ivory materials made from the trunks of elephants. If elephants are placed as an endangered species in your geographical location, then the use of Ivory products should stop. This will help preserve the lives of these elephants and endangered Species protection
  • Do not hunt

    Hunting endangered species could lead to them be finally extinct. Once a specie has said to be endangered, the best you can do is to stay away from illegal activities such as shooting, trapping, and harassment of such species. Be on the look for those that would violate these rules. Report them as soon as possible to the nearest wildlife enforcement agency.
  • Grow endangered plants:

    This would be your way of contributing to the protection of endangered plants. Plant them, tend them and see to it that they reproduce new ones. If everybody does this, then those endangered species will have no threat of extinction in the earth. Consider this as your humanitarian service to the ecosystem.
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We can do lots more to help protect these lives. A balanced ecosystem is in our hands. Let us take responsibility for it. We should love and embrace these endangered species. Together we can fight against their extinction.

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