Hawaiian Flowers- Beautiful and Super Long Lasting

Tropical Hawaiian Flowers

You may not be aware that tropical flowers like Hawaiian flowers you can get from Hawaii islands will last 1-2 weeks. It exceeds the freshness time duration after plucking from the tree than other natural flowers of decorations. I will present some information on caring for the Hawaiian flowers and different types of flowers you can buy from the market.

If you have been to Hawaii islands, you are lucky to have such a great opportunity. On the off chance that you haven’t got the opportunity to go there yet, you’ve probably observed Hawaiian bloom leis being put around a visitor’s neck in the airport after they are landing to the country. In any case, did you realize that blossom leis imply the ‘salaam’ soul of Hawaii? They are an image of affection, harmony, hi, and farewell and are exceptionally beautiful for a luau or wedding. You can order them in the wrist, head, or even ankle forms and come in various flowers or vines and leaves.

Many beautiful Hawaiian arrangements are designed with each season’s flowers in mind. Unique varieties of Heliconia, or Bird of Paradise flower as they are also known, are available in the Springtime along with exotic Gingers and Anthuriums, which are a popular favorite. Anthuriums are a heart-shaped flower grown in several different colors and are perfect for sending to your loved one.

Protea is another flower that grows in Hawaii, especially in the winter seasons, and grows very well in cold weather. Protea is perfect for the holiday season! They are also beautiful after droop. Then you can enjoy drooped, but a beautiful flower in a dry condition for years.

Caring Hawaiian Flowers

After you bring it to the home, keep Hawaiian flowers’ freshness, remove cover immediately, and then wholly immerse bouquet in a water bucket for at least 10 minutes. A water-filled bucket or barrel is the most suitable thing for this. When the flower’s stems are soaking, cut each branch’s bottom on an angle, 1/4 inch from the bottom.

Put your flowers in a vase and make sure that water is free of bacteria and algae when watering. This practice is an essential part of keeping tropical flowers fresh and vibrant throughout the time you want. Please change the water every 4 to 5 days and put a few drops of bleach in the water to keep their freshness. Re-soak flowers and stems again when you change the water as they would be in their natural, humid, and tropical environment.

Make sure that to avoid placing them in direct sunlight or near heat instruments such as burners and drafty areas. Please do not put them in the refrigerator in any case. Hawaiian flowers can buy from the flower shop with different varieties as a bunch of single flower stems. It will stunningly decorate your home or functional hall with making emotional feelings for the guests.

Types of Hawaiian flowers


Anthurium flower

Hawaiian gardenia

Hawaiian gardenia

Bird of paradise

Bird of paradise flower

Blue ginger

Blue ginger flower

Hawaiian hibiscus

Hawaiian hibiscus


Pikake flower


Plumeria Frangipani Temple Flower

Hawaiian lily

Tropical Flowers- Hawaiian lily


Naupaka flower

Protea Hawaiian Flowers

Protea flowe

Purple lotus flower

Purple Lotus Flower