The McMurdo Dry Valleys- Driest place on Earth

Introduction of the Valleys The McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica considered as the driest place on Earth. It is surprising to hear that Antarctica has this kind of formation...

Spreewald- Islands forest and lacework of channels

Common name: Spreewald German name: L├╝bbenau Designated:  Biosphere reserve Cordinates:  ...

Trophic Levels- positions of organism in a food chain

The position that an organism occupies in a food chain is simply called a Tropic Level. It can also be defined as a step of a food chain through which the energy...

Parasitism- symbiotic relationship between species

Parasitism is a symbiotic relationship between two organisms; where one is the parasite which lives on another organism known as host to gain benefits from the host. Sometimes, the parasite can harm...

Heterotroph- Consumer that can’t produce own food

Heterotroph is an organism that is unable to fixed carbon to produce its own food. The nutrients they require are taken as organic carbon from other plants and animals. All of this...

Lake Turkana- World’s largest desert lake in Kenya

Lake Turkana is the one of most amazing desert lake in the world. Lake belongs to the "Lake Turkana National Parks" in Kenya. This desert lake, also known as Lake Rudolf is...

Red Lagoon- Laguna Colorada is a red color lagoon

Red Lagoon or Laguna Colorada is located at 14,000 feet above the sea level on the Bolivian Plateau which is in famous Andes Mountains on the South American continent. This lake is...

Symbiosis- Examples, definition and types

Symbiosis is the relationship between two separate species living in close physical contact. Symbiosis, any of several living systems, including mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism, between representatives of two distinct organisms. Therefore, it...

Habitat fragmentation- degradation of large habitats

Habitat fragmentation in conservation biology, is considered a primary concern. It focuses on the destruction of once large, stable forest blocks to a less permanent environment, primarily through human perturbations, such as...

African tribes: Different Tribes Live In Africa

Red costumes, ochre-colored hair, and brightly-colored headgear.These are just a few of the characteristics of the various African tribes.And even as they appear different, they need different traditions, too. Some tribes have...

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