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Landmark is a Natural or artificial feature for navigation with unique features.

Huacachina oasis- A miracle city hide in sand dunes

Desert miracle in the Peru When you remember that you are in a desert, you feel your skin's burning by the sun, and sometimes a turbulent sand storm blowing...

Ounianga Lakes- Paradise of the Sahara Desert

Sahara Paradise Ounianga Lakes Sahara is the world's largest and high heat desert which is located northward of the African continent. The whole extent of this desert is about...

Congo River and forest- Top Facts you should Know

Introduction Congo is the world's second-largest rainforest located on the African continent. As we all obviously know, the first one is the great Amazon rainforest in South America. Congo...

The McMurdo Dry Valleys- Driest place on Earth

Introduction of the Valleys The McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica considered as the driest place on Earth. It is surprising to hear that Antarctica has this kind of formation...

Spreewald- Islands forest and lacework of channels

Summary of the landmark Common name: Spreewald German name: L├╝bbenau Designated:  Biosphere reserve

Lake Turkana- World’s largest desert lake in Kenya

Lake Turkana is the one of most amazing desert lake in the world. Lake belongs to the "Lake Turkana National Parks" in Kenya. This desert lake, also known as Lake Rudolf is...

Red Lagoon- Laguna Colorada is a red color lagoon

Red Lagoon or Laguna Colorada is located at 14,000 feet above the sea level on the Bolivian Plateau which is in famous Andes Mountains on the South American continent. This lake is...

Silfra fissure- dive between the continents

The Europe-Asia continent has created by the Eurasian plate while the North America continent has created by the North American plate. The intersection of these two different tectonic plates of the Eurasian...

Guelta d’Archei- An enriched Oasis of Sahara Desert

In some deserts, groundwater reaches the Earth's surface and accumulated on the lowland area of the desert surface. Which forming permanent pools and lakes."Guelta d'Archei" is a wetland that has created that...

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